About Us

Red, Black and Grey

Surrey Search and Rescue volunteers come from all over the Metro Vancouver region. With "day jobs" ranging from emergency services to municipal government to nursing to construction, our volunteers bring a wealth of specialized experience to the society, acting as searchers first and non-profit support staff second. Members range in age from 19 years of age to over 70 and serve in one of 4 capacities:

  • Active Member (certified, on-call searcher)
  • Member-in-Training (recruit currently in training to become an active member)
  • Associate Member (member called upon as needed or to provide specialized support)
  • Radio Operator (active member serving primarily in field radio operations)

Senior Membership

Senior search and rescue personnel serve in management and supervisory positions as Ground Search Team Leaders and Search Managers. SSAR is overseen by an elected Board of Directors who meet monthly to address the governance of the Society. Board positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Training Officer, Equipment Officer, Communications Officer and Media Liaison.

Special Thanks

Surrey Search and Rescue extends a heartfelt thank you to our families, friends and members of the community, whose enduring support makes our work possible.